The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, January 9, 2009

Road to recovery

RaeAnne is recovering well, she managed to latch on at 4+am last night which means the pain from her ulcers must be better. Hurray! But 7am, when I tried to latch her again when she woke up, she arched back her head. After I talked to her and said gal you already drank milk milk at 4+am from Mummy, you forgot already? She agree to latch on again. Hee. Fever is down, she's active again. Such a relief! I've been blocked for nearly one week, keeping pumping but not successful to clear cos suction from baby latching is much more effective. Had to break two milk blisters in the process, ouch ouch!

The last few days have been very trying for us. FIL showed 'black' face on Tues when I commented to hubby that RaeAnne missed a dose of fever medicine in the morning, that's why fever came up again. Talked so loudly about how difficult it was to feed medicine and that he has not even eaten 'a grain of rice' for lunch. Guess he thought we were unappreciative. But our concern is to give medicine regularly as it is important that the fever doesn't spike up again. As if we don't know it is difficult to feed her medicine, we've been feeding medicine through the night starting on Monday, even force feeding her with syringe. When he commented that he didn't eat his lunch, we also haven't eaten. :/ Had to rope in my mum and aunt to prepare lunch and dinner to help smooth things over. Now that RaeAnne is better, he is back to his doting ye ye self. Phew!

Brought RaeAnne back every night though we are not feeling well ourselves to avoid burdening them. Poor hubby had to pat RaeAnne to sleep the first 2 nights cos she wants to latch when I carry her. And she'll wail loudly when she can't latch due to the ulcers. Anyway, moral of the story is, it's never good to rely solely on grandparents because they may end up flaring up especially in terms of stress and when baby is sick. Ordered nearly $80 worth of Sureclean products, got to wash and disinfect the house in time for RaeAnne's party once she fully recovers.

Seriously thinking of being SAHM liao. :P

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