The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, February 17, 2008

RaeAnne's full month celebration

Time really flies, it's RaeAnne's Full Month Celebration today. Officially, she only turns 1 month this Thursday on Chinese Valentines Day (Yuan Xiao Jie) but celebrating for her today cos it's a Sunday. CL cut BB's hair today (just a bit, never shave), cut her fingernails yesterday while she was sleeping ;) and gave her a 'flower' bath. Had a celebration for our relatives and a few friends at my ILs place cos MIL said she'll be hosting a party for her friends and relatives so we might as well tompang and do it at her place altogether. My home is too small to set up the buffet anyway.

Over 60 guests, catered from Fu Kwee Catering for 50 pax. Still got extra for some guests to tapow and for ILs and my family to tapow for dinner. Buffet food was good, especially the curry and "or nee". Besides buffet, we ordered a 1.5kg cake from Prima Deli and MIL also ordered 80 hainanese kueh and cooked 30 red eggs. Didn't manage to invite colleagues cos ILs home is already bursting with 60 pax (had to split into 2 groups, 12noon and 1pm). Not very nice to invite just a few colleagues so bo bian to give cake vouchers to all colleagues, must be fair mah :P

RaeAnne spent her time sleeping most of the time, oblivious to the crowd and commotion. I'm not complaining cos at least she's quiet and not screaming or crying. Haha. ;)

Must give special acknowledgement here to my cousins, Juliana, Sze Ling and Sherry came early at 11+ to help me decorate the place with balloons and party stuff. Sze Ling was the official photographer while Sherry was the official videolady. :)

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