The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Birthday celebration at Serenity

Hb surprised me with flowers to my workplace this yr. I am temping part time for my ex company cos 3 staff resigned on the same day after getting their bonus. He picked me up at 4pm n brought me to Serenity at vivo city for my birthday dinner cos he read from hungrygowhere that the food was good. I like vivo city cos there is a nice view of Sentosa n the sea front plus lots of international branded shops that I don't usually find in Tampines. Had time to walk around before dinner started.

Food really is good at Serenity especially the grilled squid, no wonder it is a best seller. It looks simple, just grilled squid with olive oil n salt. But it was so tender and juicy, so aromatic with the right smoky flavour n slightly crispy tentacles edges. If it did not cost so much $18.80 for 3 squids. I would have ordered 3 plates and finished all by myself. I wish I can replicate this at home. Squid is not expensive but how did they make it so nice. Yummy....

Another house specialty was the spanish suckling pig. $98 for a 1/4 serving for two to share. It was just a small plate so I consider it very steep. The meat was tender and moist n there were 3 types of sauces to dip it in - roasting sauce, brown sauce and tomato jam. I like both the brown sauce and tomato jam most. But it was the crispy skin that was to die for. I forgot all about counting calories after eating the first piece.

The paella was also highly recommended, we tried the normal version which was $50+. The crayfish version recommended by the waiter would have cost $70+. This is the one dish that did not wow me. Maybe it was the spices used that did not agree with me or maybe cos I had higher expectations for paella. But I did not feel that the price was worth it. I think Fish n Co seafood platter with rice was better. Smoky n v generous with seafood. Hee.

But all in all, it was a great place to have a quiet dinner. Hb even dedicated a birthday song through the live band but I spoilt his plans a little by requesting to sit outside cos I cannot hear the dedication. But I did like the complimentary brownie cake. Haha.

We hardly splurge on expensive dinners after having kids. Always family dining or kids friendly restaurants. So thanks so much dada for our couple time together. :)

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