The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Slide at T3

We have not been to the airport for a very long time cos we did not bring the gals on any flights this year. Mostly short trips to Malaysia. Today, we went with the gals to T3. Wanted to let them try the T3 slide because RA's swim mates said it was very fun but we never knew where it was. Quite paiseh to be so 'suaku' since we stay in Tampines, so near to the airport.

After a quick dinner at Ramen champions, we went straight to look for the slide. Had to refer to floor plan n turns out we were at the opposite side since we parked at 3A. After walking over to the slide, I realised why we never noticed it. From far, it just looked like queue posts leading to a lift. N the slide was just a metal tubular enclosed slide with narrow curvature. Quite compact, no bright colours n furthermore, the slide view is partially blocked by the revolving gantry gates.

The slide was two storeys high and meant for kids 5 yrs n above with a minimum height of 110cm. There was a much higher one to be taken from level 3 or 4. Even though RA fit the minimum height but it took me a very long time to convince her to ride on her own. She was scared n the 2 storey slide with its gantry gates looked quite forbidding.

But once she overcame her fear n went down on her own, she was ok. We saw younger kids riding the slide so decided to bring Mei mei along for the second time. The fearless gal went down the slide lying on her tummy though it was her first time. She went down 2 more times after that but I get RA to accompany her cos she has problems pushing the exit button n opening the gantry gate.

They still wanted to slide but we convinced them to go to the viewing gallery after that. But I must say T2's viewing gallery is much better cos we are closer to the runway n planes. We could not see any planes taking off or landing at the T3 aviation gallery at all. The gals were quite disappointed but at least they had fun eating their mini dunkin donuts, climbing n sliding down the displays. After today, I think they will start asking to go to the airport more often. haha.

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