The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, August 9, 2013

Hari Raya Puasa and NDP Long weekend - ECP

We have a 4 day break due to the two PHs. But did not jet off anywhere since air tickets were very exp and hb needs to mark. So yesterday, we spent the afternoon at Kidzgo, the indoor playground at Tampines1 because RL loves it there.

RL is coughing a little so I am not keen to bring here to air con places again. Decided to go ECP for a picnic since we have not done that for a long time. Also wanted to try out the new 6 men tent we bought early this yr.

At first, RL was not keen and she insisted on wearing a dress to the beach. She does not seem to be an outdoor kind of gal. Always into pretty dresses and high heel shoes. Faint! Finally persuaded her to wear a short skirt instead so that she can do sand play without getting all wet.

Packed ham and cheese sandwiches and a salad but the food they liked most was the strawberry n milk popcorn I bought from Daiso yesterday. My gals have a sweet tooth or rather sweet teeth.

Weather is very good. Cloudy so it was not hot and the weather stayed that way except in the afternoon there was a constant slight drizzle. We hid in our tent thinking the rain will get heavier but it never did. The gals had a happy time rolling and wrestling in the tent with Daddy. But when the sun come out, I was feeling v hungry so we had a late lunch at Brussel Sprouts. Yummy mussels but lousy wait staff except for a guy with tattoos. The rest of the staff were impatient and can't be bothered with questions or recommendations. The guy with tattoos was the friendliest and respond the fastest. After a v heavy tea, we went cycling to burn calories. Me, not the kids. -_-

Along the ride, we saw a jetty so we stopped for a while. RA was fascinated to see the anglers. One of them caught a small mud crab and a flower crab in that short 5-10 mins we were there. But by 7pm, can tell that their energy levels were v low with no afternoon nap today. I suggested having dinner there so that we can watch the fireworks from the jetty but they were not keen. Guess they had enough fireworks since last week. They wanted to go Nai nai house instead so we ended watching the rest of the NDP on tv. haha.

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