The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

New study desk for Raelynn

I have been shopping at Qoo10 quite frequently since I was introduced by my friends in end April. So much that I qualified to be their VIP member recently in fact. Most of the time, I buy home organisation stuff but yesterday early morning, I ordered a study desk for Raelynn. It was just delivered at 830pm. Talk about fast service.

We have bought assessment books for the gals during Popular book fairs. But we have not been giving them seat work to do. The books are there on their kiddy bookshelf and they can take and do it if they feel like it. Recently, RaeAnne has been more diligent to do work and then mark on her own. RA will also ask Raelynn to do her assessment books then she will mark. Maybe she aspires to be a teacher.

RaeAnne has a study desk which we bought for her early this year. But we often find Raelynn lying on her tummy on the bumper mat doing her 'homework'. Posture is bad and lighting is poor in the dining area. She has been asking for a table for some months because I told her I will buy her a table when she needs to do work like Cheh Cheh. But I cannot get her the similar table from Casa Kidi because her room is cluttered because she still insists on sleeping on her baby cot and the ikea baby changing table is still in the room, on top of a wardrobe, a single bed, and a foldable sleeping mat.

So when I saw this ergonomic table and chair set from Qoo10 at $157. I was tempted cos the height of the table and chair can be adjusted and the angle of the table can be adjusted for reading, or drawing. Raelynn is only 95cm tall so the table and chair are still set at lowest height. But we can adjust it slowly as she grows up.

It is not a big table, just 45cm by 65cm. Similar to a normal classroom table in fact. Though you cannot put a lot of things on the table, I think it is good cos it forces the kid to organise. Things that are not needed should go into the drawer below or into the school bag. There is even a hook at the side of the table just for hanging the school bag to keep it off the floor. This is great for people like me. I hate to see bags on floor because I will always end up tripping over them at night after 'lights out' for the gals.

I wasn't sure if Raelynn will like this table because it was so different from RA's. Much smaller and there is no cartoon or castle design. But my worries were unfounded. She likes it and quickly protested when Cheh Cheh tried to share the chair. I guess as long as it is in pink, we are quite safe. Haha.

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