The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jurong Bird Park - 1 Apr 12

Finally brought the gals to the bird park on April Fool's Day. It was a place that hubby and I said we will visit together since our pak tor days but we never made it there. Journey is one of the main reasons cos we dun have car back then.

Actually, RA just went to the Bird Park last yr due to the school excursion but they didn't get to play at the Birdzplay Waterplay area cos it's not open yet. Even if it is open, don't think the teachers will want to handle the logistics of 60 wet kids. :P So, RA kept asking her to bring her there. Thanks to Stephanie, a forum mummy friend, we got 50% discount for the tickets. Still need to pay separately for the Monorail tickets, $5 per adult, $3 for RA, luckily RL is below 3 yrs old so no need to buy any tickets. 1 Apr happened to be the last day of service for the Bird Park Monorail so we were lucky to try it before it disappears into history.

To be frank, we didn't see a lot of the exhibits cos we reached there at 1130am and it was already very warm with blazing sun. Saw the penguin exhibit then took the monorail to the Lory station. There was a super long queue and we reached Lory station at 12+pm. We tried to feed the lories but it was a Sunday so lots of visitors and feeding started at 1145am so they were too full. Took a group photo anyway since it was our first family trip to the Bird Park. After that, took the monorail to the Waterfall area.

By then it was time for lunch so we took the monorail back to the main station and had lunch at Hawk's Cafe. After lunch, walked slowly to the Birdz Play waterplay area. Enroute, we passed by the white and pink flamingoes exhibit. Took a very nice photo of RA with the flamingoes. Too bad I don't have a good camera, if the background of the flamingoes are a bit fuzzy, it would have been perfect. As for RL, it is difficult to take nice photos of RL cos she is either trying to look sad or she is looking elsewhere, not at the camera, still not focused.

When we reached the waterplay area, it was 2+pm and super duper hot. But it's going to be hard to convince RA to skip the waterplay when she has been looking forward to it for so long. So we let her play but restrict to about half an hour. RL was having a bit of runny nose so initially hubby didn't want to let her play in the water (we didn't even bring her swimsuit). But I see her looking on and felt she is so kelian so asked hubby to let her join in with her tee shirt and diapers. Luckily, my mum asked me to pack an extra set of clothes for both of them so at least she had something to change into.

As we left the waterplay area at 330pm, the Birds of Prey show just started so we went in to watch the live show. It was fun to see the falcons, eagles and owls for the first time. Never knew they were so large. RA got restless cos she missed her nap, so we left at 4+pm before the show ended. Don't know when is the next time we will go to the bird park again. Personally, I enjoy the zoo more. hee.

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