The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


RL has been having a persistent low grade fever since Sunday night. She failed the temp check in school so yesterday and today, she did not go to school. Decided to bring her to see GP just in case it's something serious. End up GP diagnosed it as HFMD.

Very surprised cos the teachers, hubby and me have checked her mouth these 2 days but we did not see any ulcers. No spots on hands and feet either. She didn't have much appetite on Sunday according to hubby (I was working), but this morning she drank milk at 630am, ate some cornflakes and even a slice of plain bread before going to school so appetite is good. Also, her temp is from 37+ to 38.4. Not high temp like 39+ when RA got it.

But GP used the tongue depressant and showed me the cluster of small ulcers at the back of her throat. Some of the ulcers were a bit bloody. He confirmed HFMD so RL has MC till Sat. Will bring her to review on Sunday, dr said if ok then she can go back to school. Called to inform the CC teacher but she said there are no cases of HFMD in Elfa. Strange, don't know where RL got it from. :P

Gave her ibufen (dr said it will reduce the swelling and improve appetite), I left her at ILs cos I wanted to come back to wash bedsheets and disinfect the high contact bumper mats and toys. CC i/c called me at home and asked me to keep RA away from school as a precautionary measure. Brought RA to see GP as well, GP said she is ok and even wrote a letter to certify. Visited RL after that and ILs said she ate very well, slept well. Glad she seems to be having a mild case of the virus. Either that or because she has high tolerance of pain. But since RA is not infected yet, still have to separate the 2 gals so we left RL at ILs place for the night. If CC accepts dr's letter, I can put RA at CC and pop over to visit RL. Feel bad dumping her at ILs place when she is going to be down for some days.

Sidenote: We started toilet training RL last Monday. Asked the CC teachers to start while we continue over the weekend at home or ILs. This morning at 6+am, hubby said RL knocked on my bedroom dr and said, 'Mummy, I want to shh shh'. 'Mummy, I want to shh shh.' Too bad, I was too tired cos slept late after changing her poo stained diapers at 2+am so didn't hear her. Luckily, hubby brought her to pee. No wonder her diapers were clean at 8+am when I checked and brought her to toilet to pee again. Clever gal! :)

P.S. hubby said his colleague had HFMD and he had contact with him. Not sure if he brought the virus back cos he had sore throat last week. Hubby, me and RA all had HFMD before so not sure his symptoms were not obvious then unwittingly he spread to RL? Duh...

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