The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Teachers' Day Pressies

Mummy did not order Teachers' Day pressies early this year. I used to order from SMH Bulk purchase threads at least 1 month ahead. But with work and pv duties taking up my free time, it was a last minute scramble to get little gifts for RA and RL's teachers.

I can't bake so can't make home made cookies and cakes. But even if I could, I don't think I will make food. Because if just every kid give the teacher 1 cookie or cupcake, the teacher will be stuffed with more than 30 cookies depending on how many students she has and how many classes she teaches. From experience, there is always lots of food on Teacher's day because the school will give appreciation parties to the teachers as well. Some teachers don't dare to eat home made stuff by students or their parents either due to religion reasons (non halal kitchen) or they are worried about hygiene standards. Freshly made food have no preservatives. So they usually taste good but they can't keep well. Teachers may end up binning them if they can't finish all the food.

In the end, I grabbed everything from Daiso (travel toiletries kit, gift tags and stickers) because all the childcare teachers were going on a retreat to Bangkok this Friday to celebrate Teacher's Day. All the 3 Elfa centres are involved so more than 30 ladies. Must be quite a sight at the airport. Haha. The teachers are really excited. I heard them discussing about what tidbits to bring to Bkk. So I want to get something useful that they can use for the trip. A toiletries pack may be an auntie style gift but at least it is practical and does not take up much space.

Hubby once got a gigantic penguin from his students. Really cute but we just have nowhere to store it... :P I much prefer the simple ikea cushion that one of his students decorated with a fabric marker. If I remember correctly, the message said: "This is from one of your most awake students ever. Jolene Goh." That student has long graduated but the gift remained in our house for many years. ;)

When I was teaching, I prefer students give me a card than food. A simple hand written card is good enough. No need to be fancy. Unfortunately, my gals can't write very well yet especially Raelynn. So I still need to help Raelynn write the greetings. But I did ask RA draw and copy Happy Teachers' Day and her teachers' names on the cards and envelopes. Stickers are easy to handle so I let them decorate the cards and envelopes themselves. Hope her teachers will like it.

Happy Teachers' Day to all the teachers out there!

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