The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Couple trip to Bangkok

Went for a short 3d2n trip to BKK with hubby last Thurs. Actually it was more like 2 days cos we reached BKK on Thurs evening and flew back on Sat 4+pm. We almost didn't get to go cos RL started a low grade fever 37.7 on Sun night. I couldn't take leave due to a work event so hubby brought her to see the doctor. The GP for some reason suspected HFMD but there were no ulcers, just that her throat was red. We separated the gals on Mon and Tues and brought RL back on Wed night. But she still had fever on Wed early morning so we brought her to see the doctor again on Thurs morning after sending RA to school. Temp was still 37.7 but dr confirmed it was not HFMD so we decided to go on with our trip. If we cancel, we cannot claim anyway. Since it was a slight fever and not even HFMD.

We stayed at Novotel Platinum hotel, right next to Platinum Mall and with a linkway from the 6th floor hotel lobby to the mall. It was a very convenient location because we can upload our shopping loot at our hotel before heading out for dinner or elsewhere. But changing lifts at 6th floor to reach our hotel room was a bit inconvenient. The hotel toilet has not bathtub so the kids won't like it. I didn't like the shower stall had no door and there was an air con ventilation duct just above so there was cold air blowing at me as I was showering. Brr... Not suitable for kids.

We had a 4 hr couple massage at So Thai Spa, Bangkok. Had to take a taxi there. Taxi ride was about 20-30 mins. The spa was at a shophouse, it was a quiet set up. I could occasionally hear dogs barking but otherwise it was silent when I had my massage. The foot scrub, herbal ball and aromatherapy massage was relaxing, hb and I fell asleep at some parts. But I will not recommend to someone who really has bodyaches cos my masseur did not ease the knots on my shoulder even though I pointed the painful area. My masseur who was an older lady was also a bit rough and abrupt. Instead of lowering my limbs slowly after massaging it, she literally dropped it while holding on. Overall, the spa is ok if your hotel is nearby. But I will not especially take a cab to go to the spa again. :P Maybe, next time I will try Coran Spa or even the budget range Healthland.

We were out from morning for the two days and only came back at 11pm after the shops close (10pm BKK time). Really cheong for 2 days cos there were lots to buy and I was helping MIL and a friend find some stuff. I grabbed 2 pairs of slippers, 2 dresses, 1 pair of jeans and 1 pair of shorts for myself. And hb got 2 tees and 1 pair of jeans. The biggest winners were the gals cos we bought lots for them, from party favours to dresses, PJs to shoes, hair accessories and socks. We bought so much that I had to get a box from the party favours shop and ship the partyware back. We bought so much cos it was cheap. Playdough party packs were only $0.80 while the bigger pack with a rolling pin was just $1. Was a bit worried that we will exceed baggage allowance but luckily everything weighed about 20kg.

We will definitely go to bkk again one day. But maybe when the gals are bigger cos Platinum mall is very crowded and not suitable for young kids.

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