The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Prawn Aglio Olio

Did an ultimate aunty thing and collected NTUC bonus points diligently over 1 month. I had a grand total of 53 bonus points. All for the sake of getting pasta plates cos the gals love to eat pasta. 16 points to get 1 set of 2 plates at $5.95. Pastamania is their favourite haunt and their favourite home cooked dish is also spagetti bolognaise. Actually, I only need 4 plates. But I could get 6 plates cheaply. In the end, I decided to get 8 plates cos 6 plates are really not enough to entertain guests. And we are having a pot luck gathering at my brother's new place during Xmas.

Was cracking my head over what to bring or cook. But decided to make use of the new pasta plates and cook pasta. But my mum doesn't like any buttery, creamy or tomato base pasta so aglio olio pasta is the best choice, since it's garlic and oil base.

But first, I got to learn how to cook it cos I have never cooked it before. haha.

Googled online for recipes and found one that did not look too difficult. Recipe I only have frozen deshelled prawns at home so couldn't make the prawn stock from the shells. So, I made stock with boiling dried sakura shrimps which I bought from Taiwan previously. Also, I didn't use fresh cut chilli cos was afraid it will be too spicy for hubby. Only used dried chilli flakes from spice bottles. I did a non spicy version for the kids with only garlic and pasley.

Verdict: The pasta was not salty enough but the spicy version was still too spicy for hubby. The gals didn't like the garlic bits. And I think the stock will be sweeter and richer with real prawn shells so must make sure I buy fresh prawns when I want to cook this next time. Never mind, still got lots of time to practise. haha.

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