The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hk holiday n maid issues

This is an backdated post cos I am so busy these few days.

Good news first, we came back from hk. It was a good trip, not as bad as I thought traveling with 2 kids under 4 without maid or grandparents support. Even the flight was quite ok. We flew via tiger airways, super early morning flight at 6+am so we are really lucky that my bro gave us a lift and even my mum came to send us off. But cos it's budget airline, I got to entertain my kids myself, no inflight entertainment unlike SQ or CP.

RL continued to sleep in my bro's car but RA woke up and was alert after seeing me with the luggage bag cos she knows it's finally the day to go to her HK Disneyland Hotel. RL woke up when we were checking in.

When the plane took off, she was restless on the flight cos she doesn't like to be strapped to the infant seat belt. But luckily she can be distracted by food n her sister's toys. RaeAnne kept asking me why does it take so long to go to HK. :P

RaeAnne loves Disneyland, I am amazed that she is not afraid of the moving rides at all. In sg, she can't even stand motorized car rides in the malls. But she loves her hotel room n bath tub best, refuse to go out of her room to eat or shop. :p to avoid stressing ourselves n cos we were on holiday, we let the gals try pretty much anything, from cotton candy to ice cream to hk food from restaurants n chachanteng.

On the flight back, we had to order super exp airplane food cos it was a 11.15am flight and all of us didn't have lunch. Let the kids try instant noodles (no soup)for the first time cos the selection of food was so bad. Either jap curry rice or black pepper chicken rice (both spicy).

Then RL was awake while Raeanne slept shortly after lunch cos it was her afternoon nap time. :) Had a bad experience waiting for our luggage at the Budget terminal on our way back though, more than half an hour. Next time better fly Air Asia or jetstar cos they fly out from T1. :p But all in all, i think it was good family trip for our special bonding time w/o the maid and it also prepared us for what was ahead.

On fri night at 9+pm while we were trying to make RA sleep after we came back from hk, I got a call from Carine. As we suspected, Filamie changed her mind and is not coming back from her home leave. Carine said she wanted more pay, $600 n refused to listen to her filipino agent nor her.

Already have a standby solution before sending her off so we will be switching RaeAnne to full day cc wef tom, started Raelynn on RC playgroup n get MIL to look after RaeLynn n dun hire any more maids. Started looking for pt cleaner n got a few recommendations. Tried out the first one today, she is an experienced Filipino, fast but some parts not so clean cos I was too busy with the kids to tell her exactly what I want her to do.

Told Carine that I wanted to talk to Filamie personally cos I want closure before canceling her work permit n throwing away her things. N today the Filipino agent called me when I was going to fetch RaeAnne back from school. She said she was sorry but she can't go out n work anymore cos she needs to look after her son though she has no $ left. She cried when she talked to me n it has been a few days after n we have already adjusted our lives so I was quite calm. I asked her why she broke her promise but she just kept saying sorry. She also passed my kids photos back to Susy as I requested and even offered to give me a xerox copy of her work permit (which Carine had already done so).

In the end, I still wished her well cos she did take good care of Raelynn from birth to 18 mths. That's that, glad I am a SAHM so at least the impact on the kids r minimized. Even Mei mei adjusted after 2 nights of calling 'aunty aunty' while trying to sleep. Luckily, she only looks for her at night.

Just now, I typed a letter to MOM to cancel her work permit. Even though Carine said I can write that she cannot be trusted, wasted my $ and ask for her to be blacklisted and not allowed to return to Sg. But in the end, I didn't do it. I only stated the facts that she cannot be trusted but didn't want to ruin her livelihood in case she really wants to come back to SG. If she had stolen my money or ill treated my kids, I'll definitely be more harsh and blacklist. But since she did treat my children with a sincere heart, I also don't want to be so hard hearted on Raelynn's '干妈' for the last 18 mths. :P

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