The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hopeless clinic assistants

So angry! Brought Raeanne to GP just now cos her cough is not better and still phelgmy after self medicating for 2 days plus she had fever yesterday night. While collecting the med, noticed that her phlegm med (mucuslovan) was colorless and not pink so I commented to the clinic assistants whether they changed the colour of the medication.

But they confidently said that it has always been colorless n said I made a mistake. Luckily I brought along the med (cos I have been self medicating her for 2 days) so I had proof that the bottle of 'mucuslovan' we were given was pink in colour. So the truth was revealed, they have wrongly labelled the pink med (given on 16 feb) as mucuslovan n given me the wrong med on 16 Feb 11. The night shift clinic assistants were defensive, kept asking me what was the colour of the other medicines given on 16 Feb and asked us if we have brought the other medicines and if we finished that. They were trying to imply that the clinic assistant merely swopped the labels (so it's not serious?) Hubby and I get irritated with their response cos it's irrelevant how the error occurred. Firstly, they should admit the mistake and apologize instead of making light of the situation and trying to pass the buck.

So I asked to see the dr instead. He kept laughing (in politeness or embarrassment or non chalance?)but after I got more agitated n told him medication error is very serious cos the patient can have severe allergy reaction then he said sorry n that he will speak to his full time staff, who was the one who gave the wrong med. We had shown the 2 bottles of pink med during the consultation to show him what we have been giving RaeAnne for the last two days but yet he never noticed that the second pink med was not mucuslovan. Even after this bad experience, we were still expected to fork out the consultation and medication fee in full, $22. Totally no service recovery or sincerity to appease the customers. The 2 clinic assistants tonight gave us black looks the whole way from dispensing to payment collection as if we were the ones at fault.

Raeanne had gotten allergic reactions twice since seeing this GP 2 yes ago. And now I wonder if it is due to wrongly labelled med cos there is no consistency in the types of medication triggering the allergic reaction. I feel like boycotting him altogether cos how to trust the clinic if he cannot stop his clinic assistant from giving the wrong med. I can't keep going back to the GP to clarify right? :P But Raeanne likes this dr cos he is gentle, soft spoken and always gives her a sweet.

i'm still searching for a good Gp nearby. The two we see are the GPs near MIL ie. hubby's old home. The one with hopeless clinic assistants (Seasons) is friendly but super long queue, whereas the other GP (JT) is very fast, but not very friendly cos he is a man of few words. Usually, we bring the kids to the friendly GP while the adults see the unfriendly one. But both require at least 2 visits before we recover cos med always not enough or not strong enough. I guess that's how they made their $. :/

After a long day at home with the 2 gals (since RaeAnne didn't attend school today), I initially wanted to take a break and just let hubby bring her to the GP. But if I have done that, I wonder if he would have brought the medicines to the clinic, if he would have noticed the colour of the medicines and questioned them. Or will he be as persistent when they insisted that the colour of the phelgm med has always been colourless and we were mistaken. He did raise his voice at the clinic assistants and I was a bit touched cos my hubby is Mr Nice guy and super non confrontional. But we are parents, if we don't fight for our children who were harmed by irresponsible medical staff, who would?

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