The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Fri long weekend

On Good friday morning, we went to Marina barrage for the first time (so suaku) for a playdate with the Feb08 forum mummies & kids. It was a potluck so we all brought food. I volunteered to bring fishballs and made some skewers with fishballs, quail eggs, cherry tomatoes and Jap cucumbers.

It was a breezy morning and many pp were flying kites but we didn't bother to bring one for RaeAnne cos we'll be the one flying for her. hee. There was an Easter egg hunt organised by Eliaw. RaeAnne wanted to the pink and purple eggs but during the actual hunt, she avoided any corners that had other kids (competition averse?). So in the end, she only collected 2 eggs that are yellow and orange.

Mei Mei was a good gal and did not cry despite seeing so many new faces. She didn't try to snatch any toys from the other kids. But she was tired out by 12+pm and fell asleep in the taxi ride back, while RaeAnne napped for 1 hr after we reached home.

On Sat evening, we brought the family out to Crystal Jade for dinner. RaeAnne enjoyed her noodle soup and ate quite a bit. Mei Mei didn't eat much on Fri and Sat though. Think she's teething.

Filamie said Mei Mei can almost climb out of the cot. Looking for a pull out bed for a long time but can't find anything suitable yet. Might as well make use of the sofa bed first. I bought a set of Disney princess bedsheet for RaeAnne to convince her to use the queen size sofa bed. She said ok but she doesn't want Mei mei to sleep on her toddler bed. Duh. :P

More than 3 months after our car accident, we finally went car hunting at Automobile megmart at 4+pm cos it's at Ubi n nearer to home. I already did research at sgcarmart and mycar forum for more than 1 month and narrowed the choices to Nissan latio, Hyundai Avante and Renault Megane. But in the end still prefer Nissan Latio cos it's a Made in Japan car and car parts are not as expensive.

Hubby was not feeling well so he only test drove one car though we viewed 2 Latios. First, a Mar 06 Grey Latio Premium edition from Ka Hup Car Trading cos the other Sept06 Latio we saw at Car Design was not Premium version and it had the same asking price of $37.8k as the first car but the salesman increased the price by $1k to $38.8k when we told them that we are not taking loan. Also the second salesman was not as knowledgeable and seems very ah beng n bo chup. He was not keen to let us test drive and started smoking halfway.

So we went back to the first salesman cos we decided on the first car. When trying to negotiate for the Mar06 Latio, the salesman was initially confident that we can seal the deal at $36k but I tried to negotiate for $35k instead. He couldn't decide so he called to ask his boss (manager) and his manager in turn asked the boss. Who knows the boss said $36k, he cannot even buy another Latio from owner and wanted to sell $37k instead. I wasn't happy with his boss '坐地起价' but the other car was so much higher. Plus if the boss refuse to lower the price, I guess the price is already quite reasonable. Another reason is because Hubby is not interested in cars and doesn't like to go car hunting n I am tired of researching non stop on his behalf so we decided to take it at $36.4k after negotiating for 1 hr. Still need to pay $885 for admin fee, lta transfer fee n STA assessment fee.

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