The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Finally recovered my Blog site

It has been so long since I managed to log into this blog. Not sure if Google bought over Blogger but suddenly my old yahoo login didn't work and it didn't occur to me that it will be linked to hb's google account instead.

I remember wanting to blog a few important things before I forget. But I admit I have forgotten some by now.

Ok. 2016 review. Or rather whatever I could remember of it.

1) Very happy that RL got 3rd in class last year for her P1 results. The aggregate is really not fantastic (270 I think?) but she got a $10 voucher from school bookshop and it was a good encouragement for her. RA didn't do as well though her aggregate was still higher than RL. 287? Her position dropped a lot despite adding Maths enrichment. Not sure why. Maybe because of Band CCA? Or because she lost focus. And I don't have as much time with her after RL entered P1. Told her I was quite disappointed and to please study harder and improve in P3. Luckily for her, class allocation was by zig zag manner and she was very lucky to get into 3C, one of the top 3 classes.

2) RL turned 7 and had a Pokémon Go birthday party in end Nov b4 her actual birthday. Finally she made enough friends to invite 4 girl classmates over to our humble house party. Only 3 came though as one was travelling. But her friends had fun and didn't want to leave. So I am glad.

3) RA had her usual bd party with her good friends Val, Jx, WY. This time we added Colette too as we got closer to Remy after we added her to our mummies chat group. This time G couldn't make it. Maybe it's a gender thingy. Being the only boy, maybe he doesn't like to come for gals' bd parties anymore. Lol.

4) Was very touched when RA told RL about her bd wish. Then RL said she made the same wish. Both of them wished that Mummy will never die. I never knew that they would use their wishes on me. Awww... So sweet. And I really cannot make that wish come true leh. How to explain about life and death and that Mummy will die one day and I don't know when too. Feel emo just typing this...

5) Both gals had long hair but RL got MIL to cut her hair short when she was finally chosen to be a monitor. She skipped all the way happily to the gate to show me her badge. Her wish came true. But she was not as thrilled when she realised she has to wake up earlier for school to mark attendance. That's why she decided to cut her hair so that at least she didn't need to waste another 5 minutes tying her hair. I admire her determination. But got upset when she used scissors to cut one side of her hair one night. She claimed the (now short) hair was tickling her ear. So impulsive. It was so uneven and ugly. Luckily MIL cut the other side and made it less obvious.

6) The two girls are still about 1.5-2 kg different in weight. RL is fast catching up because she is still taking FM. Lol. She tried to stop for about 3 mths after we went to BKK. But she lost so much weight that I was a bit heart pained. Cos she doesn't wake up early enough to eat bf if she doesn't take FM. RA is growing very tall though, 131cm when we measured her during her BD and her shoe size is almost an adult size 5. Even for school shoes, she cannot wear kids' size anymore. Gotta buy Bata's white track shoes.

7) RA scored full marks in her recent Maths HA. Although it was only 10%, I was very proud of her because she had fever and vomiting for almost 1 week b4 the test. She got so turned off by the medicines that she was puking everything out even the anti vomit and paracetemol. Nearly wanted to send her to KKH but luckily GP managed to insert suppositories to stop the fever and vomiting. Even during the paper, she had no time to check her answers as she had to run to the toilet halfway and only managed to complete the paper. RL didn't do as well cos of careless mistakes. But she had a runny nose and no tissue paper as it was in her school bag in front of the classroom and she did not dare to ask the teacher if she could go and take the tissue. Oh well... Hope she can do better next time.

Hmm... Think this is all I can remember for now. RL climbed into my bed as I was typing about her bd wish. It was like she can sense me missing her. Lol. Time to off the light and sleep with my not so little gal. :)

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