The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
The cartoon is by Piggy Daddy who is a full time educator and freelance illustrator. Anyone who needs freelance illustrations, please contact us! :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

March Holidays - Night Safari and Ice skating at Jcube

March holidays are coming to an end. We didn't do much this time because of RA's piano exam and because hubby has many block test scripts to finish marking. So I only took 2 days leave.

16 March

We went to Night Safari on Monday night. Got the free corporate passes through balloting. Finally got lucky. We encountered the famous woodlands to Causeway jam at around 545pm so yes, next time better go very early or very late. :P

Reached the Night Safari at 620pm. Time to grab dinner. Missed the 645pm fire show as there were no seats left at Bongo burger. We ate at the food court instead. Food is v exp there. $18 for roast duck/chicken noodles set with some veg. Bongo burger was better value. At least it's western food even if the prices are similar.

We went straight for the Creatures of the Night show at 730pm. First time watching it. RA likes it cos there are funny games and antics for this show. By the time we finished the show. Night has fallen so it was very dark. Roads are wet cos it rained in the afternoon. So we decided to take the tram ride.

The 40 mins tram ride took us to see the lions, tiger, flamingoes, elephants, Tapir and lots n lots of different deers. By the time we finished, it was 845pm. So we decided to just go to Bongo burger for a snack and wait for the 9pm fire show. A family of 4 including a very inconsiderate mother decided to just pull chairs from all around and sit right in front of our table to watch the fire show. And no, they did not order anything from the restaurant at all. Even put their pram right in front, blocking our view. Super buay zi dong idiots!

Anyway, by the time the fire show and we finished our supper, it was 930pm. We went to look around at the gift shop and left the place at 10pm. Had to fight hard against the zzz monster who was knocking RL out in the car. She was very grumpy when I kept trying to wake her up but she was the one who refused to nap in the afternoon. Grrr....

19 Mar

We drove down to Jcube cos I had promised to bring the gals ice skating ever since some of my friends went and posted pics. We didn't know there were scheduled slots. We reached at 11+am so was too late for the first session at 1030am. So we went for brunch at a nearby Taiwanese restaurant which overlooked the skating rink. Tickets and rental of boots, skating aids etc were not cheap. Gloves cost $2 each. In total, we paid $99. Luckily we already saved money from the Night safari admission tickets on Monday. If not I will really feel the pinch.

Ice skating was really difficult. We rented 2 skating aids for the gals but I realised I need one for myself. haha. We only lasted 1.5 hours though we paid for the 2 hr session. Hb and RA both had blisters so it was painful to continue. Blame the ill fitting skating boots and our inexperience. My arms ached after that cos I was holding to RL's penguin for dear life and it was way too short for me. After that, we walked over to Westgate where they had a good free playground at level 4. It was nice but RL jumped around too recklessly and cut her lips. Sheesh, 3 injuries in 1 day. What an accident prone family we are. So it was time to head home and rest. :P

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