The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hari Raya Haji - SEA Aquarium

I had 2 adult tickets to SEA aquarium after signing up for RWS Invites earlier this year and I thought I had 1 more Adult and 1 more child tickets from Friso promotion too and they were expiring on 27 Oct so decided to bring MIL there with the gals since it was PH today.

It was a rainy morning, thunderstorm since early morning so by the time we reached USS it was already 1030am. Had some snacks at the Fish and crab shack while the gals enjoyed watching the Zheng Ho show again and again. RL was frightened by the roaring Pixiu dragon head initially though. haha.

As we walked in, RL was fascinated by the henna tattoo so she had a beautiful motif done on her left hand. That costs $8 but strangely RA didn't want one. The crowd was building up by the time she finished. Glad I had the RWS invites card to jump queue. But due to my booboo, the friso tickets had already been used on 16 June, hubby and RA had to go buy the tickets again before we can enter the aquarium.

It was our third time to SEA aquarium so the gals aren't exactly thrilled but they enjoyed looking at the big round column of circling fish, sea jellies, dolphins and touching the sea stars (not star fish as the staff corrected us sagely. "You don't call turtles turtle fish, do you?" Err.... turtles have 4 legs or flippers so of course they don't look like fish right?), and of course 'picnic' in front of the oceanarium pool.

RL was tired of walking rather early cos both she and RA insisted on wearing heels. Ended up carrying her very often at SEA aquarium. Note to self: must insist they wear comfortable walking shoes next time. We wanted to have high tea buffet at Starz restaurant but for some strange reason, it was not available. Only lunch buffet which ends at 2.30pm. It was already 2.10pm by then so it was pointless. Went to Coca restaurant instead since I had RWS invites rebates dollars to redeem.

The gals whined and fussed when we walked past the Hard Rock pool cos they wanted to play in the pool. Had to pacify them that we will come again. I have already booked Equarius hotel for end Nov for 3d2n staycation so that we can go to USS again before RL turns 4 years old. Admission is free for kids below 4 years old. Haha.

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