The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Monday, July 16, 2012

A new path.... Contract teaching

Today is a happy day. A few months ago, I applied to be a teacher (Chinese) with my partner's Quinnie's encouragement. She was an ex teacher before coming to the real estate business. Seeing my dilemma juggling work and quality time with the gals on the weekends and hubby's busy teaching schedule, she told me I should try and become a teacher too. I told her I'm keen to teach if it's primary school Chinese and she thinks I will have a good chance. So, in the wee hours of the morning in April, I sent in my online application.

After I told hubby, he asked me '你为什么这么 冲动?' My bro asked me '你为什么这么想不开?' Duh, the two teachers closest to me are not supportive lor. But yes, I do understand where they are coming from cos teaching is a very tough job, long hours, high stress and still must bring work home to mark. Working part time in real estate was rewarding (not monetary but the satisfaction I get when I help clients get their dream home), and many of my clients have become my friends.

But the main problem is that my working hours clashes with hb and the gals' leisure time. It gets worse now that RA is dropping naps over the weekends cos once we leave both gals at ILs place when I need to work, ILs will complain that both of them didn't nap. Most of the time, cos RA was not sleepy so she was disturbing Mei Mei. I feel bad 'stoning' at home during the weekday while sending both gals to full day cc, then when they get home or when they are free on weekends, I got to work.

Anyway, I was lucky that MOE shortlisted me for interview and after the interview in May, I waited 5 weeks before getting a offer in end June for contract teaching for primary Chinese. I waited so long that I seriously thought it was gone case by then cos no news from MOE means bad news.

Haha, after getting the offer, I went for appt briefing to sign the contract. Two days later, went for medical check at Raffles Hosp and photoshoot for the PS card.Then, I appealed to both Poi Ching School principal and MOE deployment unit to send to me to Poi Ching because I have logistic issues with the two gals, I have no maid and I need to send my gals to CC in the morning which only opens at 7am earliest and my hb is also a teacher teaching at Marine parade so no one else can do the morning ferryimg. Also I have already registered for PV for Poi Ching as I want to enrol my gals in the nearest primary school to my house and the only school within 1 km. If I posted to other schools, I can't do PV at Poi Ching anymore and RaeAnne doesn't have any nearby primary school within walking distance to go to.

Thankfully, my wish came true! Today, I received the email from MOE that I will be posted to Poi Ching Primary and assuming duty on 30 July. :)

I know I got lots to learn cos I hardly taught except a brief relief teaching experience in Poi Ching in 2009. I know I will be very busy with marking and school work in future. But I hope this will be better for my family in the long term. At least the family finances will be better and we will have synchronised holidays and hopefully I can coach RaeAnne better in Higher Chinese in future if she gets into Poi Ching Primary in 2015. :)


The Kam family said...

Congrates, Pauline! Very good news indeed! All the best to your new adventure, enjoy :-)

Piggy Family said...

Thanks Kam! Got to jia you from now on. Lots of changes going on, hahaha. :)

tubao said...

Congrats on new journey!