The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Fever, flu and cough/runny nose

This week was supposed to be hubby's reservist week and we arranged for MIL to bring RL home after CC on Monday while I bring back RA. Who knows hubby had severe flu since Sun and was on MC on Mon and Tues. RA started fever on Tues evening when we picked her up. Gave panadol syrup 4 hrly but fever kept spiking up before the 4th hr. Wed morning, hubby had to go back to camp and I had a 10am monthly meeting to attend. RA's temperature when she woke up at 830am was 38.7 deg. She was grouchy and complained of headache. Decided to give ibufen since fever was above 38.5 and it will be a few hrs before she gets to see dr.

Really tempted to just bring her to ILs house and ask them to bring her to see dr while I go for my meeting. But I worry cos I know they avoid bringing the kids to see dr and I am not sure if they can get RA to take the med if she is grouchy and uncooperative. They may just let her sleep off the fever and missed the medicine timings. So, in the end, decided to bring her to see dr myself and skip the meeting. After all, what's the point of being a property agent with irregular pay if I have no flexibility? I got no boss to answer to and no need to take leave anyway.

Gp think it's not HFMD and told me to continue to give panadol syrup 4hrly. Told him it's spiking up too fast and he gave suppository if fever hits 39 deg. He is against ibufen cos he said once you give oral ibufen, if fever does not come down, you have to wait 4 hrs before giving other med and wait 8 hrs before giving suppository (same drug gp as Ibufen). Told him suppository is difficult to administer and I am very sure my babysitters (ILs) will not give suppository even if fever hits 39. He told me you just have to be firm.

Hmm... Easier said than done. Even when the doc asked RA to lie on the consultation bed cos he wanted to demonstrate on how to put in the suppository, she run to the other side of the room and was so scared. How to tell your ILs to be firm and be the bad guys to catch the screaming kid and stick something into the butt? They already find it a chore to feed med. I am quite sure it's something I have to do myself. Anyway, it only reaffirms that I made the right decision to bring her to see dr myself. I had another meeting at 2pm so left ILs house after feeding RA panadol syrup at close to 1pm.

RA's fever still spiked up very often. Last night, I was meeting banker and bro from 830 - 1030pm. After that, I was doing research and following up. Hubby gave her ibufen at 930pm and when she woke up to pee, the temperature was already 38.1. So, I had to feed her panadol syrup at 4am cos I only slept after that. What a long night...

This morning after just 4 hrs of sleep, the phone rang and it was FIL. Telling us that RL's cough did not get better and pls bring her to see dr. Hiaz, with hubby who was still dizzy and suffering from bodyaches and a grouchy RA who just woke up, fever up again, I really wonder why ILs cannot help to bring RL to see dr when the GP is just downstairs from their house.

Oh well, no point wondering cos in the end, it was me who had to quickly feed RA med and go to GP clinic at 830am to take a queue number for RL. No point bringing RL there to wait because I know the doctor will only come around 930am. Went to bring RL from ILs place and reached clinic at 10am. Only plus point is being able to hug my cute little Mei Mei after having not seen her in more than 48 hrs. We had to wait again cos we missed our turn. But kept RL happy playing with iphone camera.

Gp said she sounded ok but gave med for cough and runny nose. We only left at 1130am cos first GP was chatting with me about his daughter's A level results (C for econs, the rest are As) then he forgot to write a prescription for a cream for my piles (side effect of having 2 kids). RL was hungry and restless by then. When we reached ILs house, MIL asked me why so late but bo bian, no one else to bring RL back while I wait for the med. :P

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