The BRAND NEW Piggy Family

The BRAND NEW Piggy Family
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Anal fissure & separate bedtime

Raelynn gave me a shock last night when i changed her diaper for her. She told me ng ng after she stood beside her cot bed for a while so I knew she pooed. What I didn't expect was the huge amount of sticky blood on the poo. It wasn't a bit, it was a lot. Took a pic before wrapping up the diaper cos thought may need to consult PD or GP.

Problem with Raelynn is that she doesn't like to eat fruits nor vegetables (not even evergreen favourites like strawberries or golden kiwi or apples, papaya or watermelon which RaeAnne loves. So, she has hard stools once in a while. But the strange thing is that last night's poo in her diapers wasn't hard. It was quite soft actually. Hubby googled and think it's an anal fissure. Possible, cos I've seen a slight crack before but that was a long time ago. Maybe it got worse. Asked MIL to give her more fruit juice but she suggested yakult. Don't think that will help with her cough. But don't know which is the lesser of two evils now. :P

Tried a new strategy in order to make the gals sleep earlier. Got hubby to bring RL into the bedroom to sleep since she refused her bedtime milk feed (as usual). I kept RA with me as I hang the clothes (Had to do laundry cos RL's mamy poko diaper leaked again last night, too loose? :P). While I showered, I made RaeAnne do colouring in my bedroom so that she won't go and disturb Mei Mei. By the time I finished shower at 10pm, hubby was successful and Mei Mei had slept.

Was feeling good when I brought RA into their bedroom to sleep at 10pm. She talked non stop but in hushed tones cos I told her not to wake Mei Mei up. She finally fell asleep close to 11pm. But who knows, I saw Mei Mei sucking her thumb and pull it out, she hardly does it nowadays unless she is hungry in her sleep. She started to fidget, scratch herself all over and in the end, she woke up. Arghh!!! Think she was probably hungry so I made 200ml of milk and she drank all. After I left to wash the milk bottles, she didn't go back to sleep, and started to call 'Mummy... Mummy...' from the bedroom. Bo bian had to ask hubby to go back and settle her cos I need to do work tonight.

Morale of the story. Next time, must ask hubby to dreamfeed after putting her to sleep... -_-

WARNING!!! Don't scroll down if you don't want to see any gross pic ...

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